Merrill & Week Points Program

Win a Fitbit, Amazon Echo, or a Kindle Fire!


How it Works

Each time you come in for an adjustment, you will have the opportunity to earn a “Merrill & Week Point.”  What is a Merrill & Week Point? It is an entry that the assistant gives to you if you have met the following criteria:

  • No missed appointments
  • Nothing loose or broken
  • Healthy gums and clean teeth
  • Elastics and/or headgear worn as directed

Every time you earn a Merrill & Week Point, your name will be entered into our prize box for a drawing of either an Fitbit, Amazon Echo, or Kindle Fire.

We will draw a name every six months. Drawings are October 1 and April 1.

Wear your MERRILL & WEEK ORTHODONTICS T-SHIRT to your appointment, and get an additional entry into the drawing.

After 5 Merrill & Week Stamps …

After accumulating five stamps, you will have your choice of one of the following prizes:

  • $15 iTunes Gift Card
  • $15 Movie Gift Card
  • $15 Fred Meyer Gift Card
  • $15 Xbox Gift Card

Be sure to ask your assistant if you have earned your Merrill & Week Point and Brush! Brush! Brush!