“Just got my braces a couple of days ago! I love how friendly everyone at the office is, and how supportive they all are! These next 18 months will be quite an experience, and I’ll owe my beautiful teeth to Merrill & Week Orthodontics!” — Aleina W.

“Every person that works at Merrill & Week Orthodontics are all so nice and make braces sound like fun.” — Cassidy C.

“Love the fish tank! And also the staff, who are so helpful and nice!” — Mikayla W.

“My favorite thing about Merrill & Week Orthodontics is how friendly everyone is and they made my smile go from horrible to AMAZING!” — Alina C.

“Everyone was really friendly and understanding! Great service!” — Megan D.

“I am really happy to be a patient of Dr. Rob and Dr. Tom. Each staff member is friendly and makes me feel cared for and very much at home. All of my ortho experiences here have been gentle, and I have a clear understanding of the goals for my mouth. Lovin’ my multi-color elastics!" — Jan K.

“I like Merrill & Week Orthodontics because everyone’s really nice and funny and care about you.” — Madelyn M.

“My favorite thing about Merrill & Week Orthodontics is the great customer service and the kind employees.” — Carson R.

“What I like about Merrill & Week Orthodontic's is the friendliness of the staff from the moment you enter the door to the time you leave! The office is attractive, the staff is professional, and everyone seems to enjoy their job!” — Jan H.

“What I love about Merrill & Week Orthodontics is that everyone is very friendly and wants to get to know all their patients. They always make sure that we have what we need to continue taking care of our braces.” — Meredith K.

“I’m forever thankful for the magic you worked on my teeth.” — Alina C.